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Square Combination Machine

This servo liner can make clean and perfect end lining by Sanyu's original programing software, and an optional vision system defects accurately.

  • Orientation


    Japanese high grade displacement sensor detects can surface asperity of welded line for precise orientation.
    Unlike light detect sensors, it is not affected by environmental light changes and no need to adjust by welded portion color difference.

  • Expanding


    High quality heat treatment and strong titanium corner bars reduce can friction dramatically. Generally a welded round shape can is enlarged by 3.0 - 3.5mm after the expansion, but our machine can expand it by less than 1.0mm enlargement. By using grease-less metal parts, no grease maintenance for tools is required, so you do not worry about the grease contamination.

  • Paneling


    8 forming tool movements, 4 sides and 4 corners, can be controlled by hydraulic pressure mechanism.

    This enables various kinds of paneling patterns and is very effective for thin plates like 0.24mm.
    No grease maintenance for tools with grease less metal parts.



Seaming unit has various moving parts, so this process is risky for oil contamination.

The head top moving portion is covered fully to prevent grease spattering and for safety purpose.

4 process seaming for the 1st operation is adapted to minimize the leaking defect risk.

Advanced 3D Conveyor

Advanced 3D Conveyor

To prevent outside can damages, this machine has an advanced 3D conveying system.

Unlike the previous conveyors, this system use Z-Axis to bring the can to the next process. Additionally, this has all the same mechanical mechanism fully from the entrance to the exit.

Advanced 3D Conveyor

Advanced 3D Conveyor

"CleanPack" body is available as an option. With this option, the whole combination machine can be adopted for highly clean can making machine.

The demand of clean cans has been increasing in the fields such as;

  • Automobile Paints
  • High Quality Engine Oil,
  • Lubrication for Precise Electrical Parts
  • Insulation Chemicals
  • Food Products such as oil, sauce, batter, etc

Other Features

  • Greaseless parts are used for most driving parts and the rest parts are fully sealed
  • Compact body size and friendly interface for 1 operator line management
  • Automatic can height adjustment
  • Various paneling available upon request
  • Fully automatic top and bottom end supply

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