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Guillotine Slitter

The first cutting station employs a high precision servomotor and grip finger system to transport sheets - a method which allows precise cutting to within 0.05 mm.
By using the touch control panel to program modifications, cutting dimensions can be altered automatically by controlling the speed of the grip-finger sheet transport system servomotor. In addition, the system's memory capabilities allow these programs to be recalled at anytime, enabling automatic and efficient readjustment of the machine to former cutting dimensions.

Guillotine Slitter

Functional explanation of a product

Production Speed 25 Sheets/min (60 - 80strokes/min.)
Maximum Sheet Size 1040 ⅹ 1040 mm (standard)
Sheet Thickness 0.15 - 0.32mm
Floor Space requirement About 8600 ⅹ 1400mm
Power 3.5KW
1st Station Guillotine Shear Method
2nd Station Roll Cutter Method

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