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Sanyu will comply with your requests as a canmaking industry specialist.

Sanyu Machinery Co. Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Appearance of the companyThe view in a factory
Company Name Sanyu Machinery Co. Ltd. (Manufacturing)
Sanyu Bussho Engineering (Sales and Marketing)
Date of Establishment October 29, 1965
Capital JPY25,000,000
Representatives Tomotake Tokunaga, President
Address Contact Info 123-1 Ozumi Yaizu Shizuoka, 425-0072 JAPAN
Tel : +81 54 629 4900 / Fax : +81 54 629 1259
Associated Companies Hangzhou Kanghe Packing Co., Ltd. Tel: +86 571 8043 631
Sanyu Machinery Taiwan Co.,Ltd. TEL +886 4 2633 5000
Products ● New Container Development
● Can/Cap Production Line
● Metal Working Machinery
● Robot
● Paper-Container Production Line
■ 18L Can Production Line ■ DRD can Production Line ■ Screw Cap Production Line ■ 4L(1G) Can Production Line ■ Ink Can Production Line ■ Lug Cap Production Line ■ 2-piece Drawn Can Production Line ■ Beverage Can Production Line ■ Rectangular Can Production Line ■ General Can Production Line
Main Sales Regions USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico

Our Values

In 1965, Sanyu was established by 3 pioneers, and they named our company “Sanyu” by combining “San” meaning “3” and “yu” meaning “friendship” in Japan.


Total Quality is Sanyu’s business principle, which demands continuous improvement in all of our activities. It is our great pleasure to see our old machines working nicely at our customers.

We have earned the respect and trust of people through our behavior that is honest, decent, and fair. This behavior must continue by each of us.

Sanyu always challenge new technologies and it is the sprit of innovation that has enabled us to create new products and new markets.

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