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Draw/Trimming Press (DRD Press)

Draw/Trimming Press (DRD Press)

Functional explanation of a product

This press wakes 2-peace can with draw and trimming processes.


• Servo Feeder

Hydraulic lifter table weight capacity 500kg
Releasing accuracy 0.01mm
Blank size range 100 - 300 mm (width) 500 - 1000 mm (length)
Transport mechanism Scratch-free grip fingers
Feeder floor space L 1190 ⅹ W 1020 mm

• Press

Stroke capacity 40 - 75 strokes/min
Torque capacity 80 ton
Die Height 350 mm
Stroke Length 180 mm
Press height 2915 mm
Main Motor 7.6 * 4 kw-p

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