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Automatic Stretch Reformer

Combination Machine

Functional explanation of a product

This machine connects straight on to the can body welder after it forms the round cans (welding or taping). Easy one-touch replacement on metal molds for irregular shaped cans.

Machine Type Type-Ⅰ Type-Ⅱ (High Speed) Type-Ⅲ
Production Speed 60c.p.m 120c.p.m 80c.p.m
Can Diameter 80 - 172mm 80 - 172mm 170 - 360mm
Can Height 50 - 300mm 50 - 300mm 50 - 450mm
Machine Size 1800 ⅹ 1365mm 1800 ⅹ 1365mm 2000 ⅹ 1500mm
Machine Weight 1500kg 1550kg 1700kg

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