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Servo Liner

This servo liner can make clean and perfect end lining by Sanyu's original programing software, and an optional vision system defects accurately.

Problems with Mechanical Lining

Problems with Mechanical Lining

Traditional mechanical lining machines can not control lining speed, especially on corners. Compound "squeeze-out" or "on shoulder" problems on ends can cause fatal internal contamination.

Defective lining can cause fatal product recalls. The demand of clean cans has been increasing in the fields

such as;
  • Automobile Paints
  • High Quality Engine Oil
  • Lubrication for Precise Electrical Parts
  • Insulation Chemicals
  • Food Products such as oil, sauce, batter, etc

Sanyu's Original Servo Lining Technology

Sanyu's Original Servo Lining Technology
  • Minimizing the distance between the head and ends reduces nozzle vibration for accurate lining.
  • No grease drops from the head moving parts and X & Y driving parts.
  • Various lining patterns can registered in advance and can be changed by touch panel easily.
  • 1 compound overlap by 1 nozzle lining, and the overlap width can be adjusted by software.
  • Maximum multi lining points can be registered for each corner, which enables accurate corner lining.

Fully Complete Line

Fully Complete Line

Not only a liner, but we can provide a perfect production line upon your facility and product requirements.

New Vertical Oven

  • The original optimized heating control system enables general heating to prevent compound blisters.
  • Inefficiency of electrical parts by high heat can be automatically adjusted and it achieves 10 - 20% energy saving.
  • This vertical type reduces floor space usage by 70% compared with the traditional horizontal type
  • Heating method, gas or electrical heating can be selected by customer.
  • Inner stainless plates applicable (Optional)

Nozzle Cleaning System (Patented)

  • To prevent compound drops while waiting to the next, the nozzle escapes from the end surface until the next one comes.
  • You can set automatic nozzle cleaning time after machine intervals.
  • With this optional nozzle cleaning system, you can use various kinds of compounds.
Vision Inspection System

Vision Inspection System

  • The high quality vision system can detect missing lining, lining width and also compound spattering spots on end surface.
  • Inspection criteria can be changed by customer.
  • Defective ends are automatically rejected out of the line.
Quick Change-Over

Quick Change-Over

  • 5 to 10 min change over for standard type. No tooling change is required.
  • Quick nozzle change by 1 nozzle for 1 compound
  • Quick compound tank change

Compound Saving

Because of the stable lining, you can reduce compound consumption, for instance, 3000 ends by 1 Gallon compound can usage.

Capacity Up to 140 ends / minute with 2 lanes
Nozzle Track Precision Within +/- 0.1mm
Inspection Method Vision system
Work Piece Transport Servo driven indexed transport
Machine Size (mm) W1700 x D3700 x H1400 for only lining machine

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