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This servo liner can make clean and perfect end lining by Sanyu's original programing software, and an optional vision system detects defects accurately.

Sanyu's Original Patented Cleaning System

Sanyu's Original Patented Cleaning System

This machine with the patented cleaning system can remove dusts from corner to coner and from side to side.

The demand of clean cans has been increasing in the fields such as;

  1. Automobile Paints
  2. High Quality Engine Oil,
  3. Lubrication for Precise Electrical Parts
  4. Insulation Chemicals


  1. HEPA clean air constantly supplied to keep the inside pressure positive
  2. Electrostatic removal system before air cleaning
  3. Removed dusts vacuumed by its outside unit cleanly
  4. For pail cans, not only inside but also outside dusts can be removed

Capacity Up to 50 cpm/minute
Type of Cans Square & Pail Cans
Cleaning Method Sanyu's Patented Cleaning System
Cleaning Air HEPA Cleaning System
Machine Size (mm) *1 700 x 2700 x 2100 (WDH)

*1) Excluding air supply and vacume units

Since 1965, Sanyu Machinery has been engaged in can making machinery business and installed over 2,000 machines worldwide.

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