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Introduction of the production line video

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  1. 18L Rectangular Can Line18L Rectangular Can Line

    Complete production line including Stretch Reformer, Paneling Machine, and Flanger for 18L square can.

  2. Mountain Top Transfer PressMountain Top Transfer Press

    You can see the part of the manufacturing process of the "Mountain Top"

  3. Line Feed PressLine Feed Press

    High speed progressive press for making 18L square ends, equipped with servo driven blank feeding system.

  4. Digital Servo LinerDigital Servo Liner

    Compound spraying system in which 4 ends are lined simultaneously by computer programming.

  5. Multi-FormerMulti-Former

    Combination machine for making general cans including Necking, Expanding, Flanging, Beading, and threading operations.

  6. ZIG-ZAG PressZIG-ZAG Press

    Royal Cap making line including ZIGZAG Press and combination machine that sets packing from the inside, and sets protection from the outside.

  7. W-Transfer PressW-Transfer Press

    Transfer Press with 2 lanes for making 2 kinds of product.

  8. High Speed Zig-Zag PressHigh Speed Zig-Zag Press

    High Speed Zig-Zag Press for making bottom lids at 250spm

  9. Combination MachineCombination Machine

    High Speed Production Machine operating Necking, Flanging and Beading for beverage can.

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